Anal gland surgery

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How to use CO 2 laser to perform gingivectomy and remove epulis Using the Aesculight CO2 laser makes gingivectomies and epulis removal surgeries bloodless and the recovery uneventful. Secondary infection, dead tissue and other issues are possible complications. Postoperative pain can typically be managed with oral analgesics. Damage is typically caused by aggressive dissection when removing the sac. There is no fluid leak or stool leak. Meibomian adenoma removal with the surgical CO 2 laser While cutting, the laser creates hemostasis; the absence of bleeding ensures excellent visibility and enables the surgeon to Schultz, DVM Originally published in Veterinary Practice News July — Download as a PDF Laser surgery has dramatically changed the visual surgical field by controlling hemorrhage without the tissue damage associated with electrosurgery and the enhanced visual field afforded the surgeon. If not, is the chemo pill something he will have to take for the rest of his life? Stool softeners can be administered, although they are not usually necessary.


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