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These results support the buffering hypothesis and findings from past research [ 67 ], as overweight Black women rated themselves more attractive and reported lower perceived weight than White women despite higher body mass. Also, it is important that the body image concerns of minority women are not overlooked on the basis of comparative research, as many Black women continue to report culture-specific body dissatisfaction. Finally, to determine whether socioeconomic factors influenced these relationships, education level was included in the final step of the model. Hierarchical regression analyses were used to evaluate the moderation hypothesis, with perceived attractiveness as the dependent variable. On average, Black women were heavier than White women. Moreover, a significant interaction was found between BMI and race; for White women, a negative relationship was detected between BMI and self-rated attractiveness, while no relationship was found for Black women. Longitudinal research should investigate whether perceived attractiveness influences weight gain over time among obese women or vice versa, and examine whether ethnicity affects the trajectory of these variables over time. Thus, although Black women were significantly heavier than their White counterparts, they actually perceived themselves as being less overweight and more attractive. Introduction Black women are at heightened risk for obesity when compared to White women and tend to weigh more than White women on average [ 1 ].


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