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As more dads take on the role of primary care provider, we'll find out that a lot of our beliefs about parenting are about as accurate as a little girl's idea that she's supposed to pee like a boy. Jo, on the other hand, is confused about how she is supposed to interact with the potty. He shouted, "I have to go pee! They were both frustrated, Noah didn't understand why we weren't happy that Jo was using the toilet, and frankly speaking, I was out of my depth. By the time she arrived, Karel and I were well over our new-parent nerves; our attitude was that if something was really wrong while we were in the shower, in the basement doing laundry, or visiting the loo, the dog or Noah would alert us. Jo is still in diapers, and she continues to try to use the toilet standing up. A Stand-Up Job Karel and I took this as a sign that our little girl was ready for potty training -- a full six months earlier than our son had been, I might add. Our relaxed attitude meant, among other things, that Jo never really had many opportunities to watch her mom pee, and that has left my daughter a little baffled about what's expected of her. When Noah finished his transaction with the vegetation and Jo caught sight of him tucking in his shirt, she lowered her own shirt, lifted her hands, and yelled, "Taa daa!


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