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Well, from my perspective, my boyfriend's ex tried to drive a wedge between us and then threw herself at him, but he not only stayed faithful but she got revenge because he traveled around the world to disrupt her wedding. Turns to group Sheldon, I will start with you. Takes a deep breath from his inhaler. Yeah Priya is attractive. Penny's skin is so soft. Your review has been posted. Penny's eyes roll to the back of her head, as Penny runs her fingers through Priya's dark hair. But somehow she winds up in Sheldon's room - as does Penny - while Amy mistakenly tries to seduce Leonard thinking she's in Sheldon's room. But I suggest all of you check behind your curtains tonight before going to sleep!


Thanks for this video. If Someone could find the video of the same studio named : "P3rv3rt S0n L34rns a H4rd L3ss0n", that would be cool ;-)


video doesn't work


nope, i take my message to my fellow perverts "we the only ones that count anyways" because i have tried talking to these directors via their forums, they too damn selfish to see where they are weak and lame on.

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