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You can't…" "I said get in the chair" Lara asserted Pistol whipping the burglar in the back of the head making him cry out and stumble before she wound her heel around his shin, using the motion to trip him up as she spun him around by his shoulder causing him to fly back into the nearest chair in a heap, pressing her Pistol back to his head to keep him in place she then forced his arms onto the arm rests with her free hand securing the bindings to trap him in place With the intruder securely tied down Lara then moved to stand in front of him lowering her weapon "what are you going to do to me? Gulping as he raised his hands the intruder slowly turned around before freezing when he realized that Lara was naked alongside having a gun pressed to his head "look lady don't do anything rash now, I can leave and we can pretend none of this ever happened" he tried to reason which her as well as trying to not blatantly stare at her tits out of fear of invoking her anger. Mumbling in her sleep Lara suddenly jolted awake when the sound of glass shattering in the entrance way downstairs "not this shit again" she groaned as she rose up onto her hands and knees letting her silken sheets fall from her body revealing her naked form underneath. That's the fourth one this month, I know it's your property and all but I seriously recommend that you at least get some alarms around the perimeter" the police chief commented as he watched two officers drag the delirious intruder down the long path leading to the main gates of the Croft Mansion "That won't be necessary, I prefer a more personal approach to dealing with those who think they can steal from me" Lara replied as she stood in the front doorway of her mansion dressed in only a short silk night gown "I'd still like to thank you for coming out here so often" "All part of the job Miss Croft" "Still it's sweet of you to care so much, would you like to come inside? Story Story Writer Forum Community. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties.


Fuck i lo?е hеr s?е's hot, wіsh i соuld fіnd girls lіkе her


HELL YEAH!!! Keep her coming!!!


I love her feet and boobs (never been into big tits), but I have to agree, her face is just so sexy.,

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