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As I was a promising student the school reached a compromise that I could sit out of PE and do other work so I ended up missing PE from about 13 onwards. So instead my late secondary school physical eduction consisted of thrashing girls at netball, possibly the easiest and most pointless 'sport' ever invented, and avoiding the wild stick attacks of pre-menstrual mentalists during field hockey. Just in time to see Joe, my best male friend take a running jump and kick the sick old cunt in the face. Rob took the ball in his gargantuan hands. The first two landed somewhere in Enfield, and, to his eternal credit, the other member of their team who should've been marking against us on the overlap, but was clearly redundant in that role bravely charged at the juggernaut. Im am still in awe that this skinny little eleven year old both thought of such a scam and had the guts to pull it off. So he socked the smarmy git one and knocked him out cold for fifteen minutes. So after the usual practices had been undertaken, i. One day, me and two of my mates, along with around 40 other students, went and sat in the D.


I Don’t wanna come off like a hater. I’m happy for dude fucking a fine bitch like this. But for porn purposes get a dude who’s packin’ and a dude who’s gonna beat that pussy up in all positions. This is the type of video that’s kept for personal use. Definitely not a video you make then upload.,


Dude just look like he got ink blocks tatted on him.lol


That a boy Pete!

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