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Therefore it becomes clear that the body of a woman is referred to as vulnerable because it is like a house which contains no walls and can be easily harmed and must be covered with the appropriate clothing. Al-Razi, for example, held that by covering her face a married woman made clear that she was not available. Another passage in the Quran that uses the term 'awrahis in Surah Al-Ahzab where it concerns fleeing from battle. It therefore conceals the entire shape of the upper body. To celebrate, Madam M gives them all different wines which have drugs in them. Within the home, a head-veil alone seemed to be sufficient for a woman to be considered dressed. Jack and Faye are at a Chinese temple offering prayers. If only Muhammad's wives had covered their faces, he would have known her regardless because she would have been the only woman on that journey whose face he didn't instantly recognize, as she was the only one of his wives on that trip.


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