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It is particularly critical to pay attention to these performances—the dances and the sexual performances—because they occurred at a time when Inuit and non-Inuit lived and worked together in relative harmony: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule. But if my brother were to bring home a white girl, there's definitely going to be some you know controversy," she said, adding, "I think its more of a problem for people when a black man brings home a white woman because it's been like that for years. Harry Kilabuk, an Inuk man interviewed by Dorothy Eber, concurs with Fossett and remembers "[t]he qallunaat lived just like the Inuit, and they used to help each other out [. The sexual and social performances produced by Inuit women and qallunaat men were recognized as "pretend" or "just a game" by those who witnessed and participated in them, but they also created a sense of intercultural community among whalers and Inuit and produced a number of real effects in Inuit society, including the spread of venereal diseases and the birth of a generation of children with non-Inuit fathers. Another black seventh grader who participated in the study, year-old Chantay, admitted she, and others in her extended family, had a double standard regarding interracial dating. While it is difficult to reconstruct, as Winton attempts, precisely how homosexual relationships developed, his comment reflects the perception that homosexuality was relatively common aboard ships and that it was necessary for officers to be vigilant in preventing its occurrence.


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